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Daily Reference Intakes

Planning a diet for individuals involves many parameters and risk factors. The goal of planning diets for individuals is to have a low probability of inadequacy while minimising the potential risk of excess for each nutrient.

Daily Value percentages seen on all nutrition facts labels are trying to address the adequate level of intake for a wide range of the population. While trying to achieve this goal, the specific needs of individuals cannot be addressed fully. Daily Reference Intakes defines how much of a nutrient each person should have based on their age, gender, activity level, and some other criteria.

You can get your Daily Reference Intakes tailored to your specific conditions for better planning of your diet based on the set of rules defined by the European Food Safety Authority (1)

(1): Dietary Reference Values for nutrients Summary report by European Food Safety Authority
(2): LCHF: Low Carb High Fat - This is not among the EFSA defined set of criteria. Average, Minimum, and Maximum standard values are derived from the criteria defined by EFSA.
(3): Phytate impairs absorption of zinc.
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