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Classified Foods

The classified list of popular foods provides easy access to those in the same group for the purpose of choosing among the alternatives or comparing them. Nutrition facts for individual food are accessible through the hyperlinks defined on them.

This list is limited to the popular foods but there are many more that you can get the same information. You can search and access them through Nutrition Facts

There can be considerable differences between the daily values defined by different authorities. Please select the applicable authority to get the most relevant values.

Group / Food
Alcoholic beverages
Lager (alcohol-free)
Lager (low alcohol)
Lager (standard)
Red wine
White wine (medium)
White wine (sparkling)
White wine (dry)
Black tea (infusion, average)
Coffee (infusion, average)
Diet Cola
Green tea (infusion)
Tomato juice
Cereals and cereal products
Basmati rice (brown, boiled in unsalted water)
Basmati rice (white, boiled in unsalted water)
Bread rolls (wholemeal)
Brown bread (average)
Brown bread rolls (soft)
Brown bread rolls (crusty)
Brown rice (wholegrain, boiled in unsalted water)
Buckwheat (groats)
Bulgur (wheat, raw)
Chapati flour (brown)
Chapati flour (white)
Corn flour
Couscous (plain, cooked)
Crispbread (rye)
Egg Pasta (fresh, raw)
Egg Pasta (white, dried, raw)
Egg noodles (thick, dried, boiled in unsalted water)
Gingerbread (homemade)
Macaroni cheese (homemade)
Naan bread (retail)
Oats porridge (unfortified)
Pasta (plain, fresh, boiled)
Pearl Barley (boiled)
Pitta bread (white)
Polenta (hydrated, raw)
Red rice (boiled in unsalted water)
Rice (white, long grain, boiled in unsalted water)
Rice flour
Rice pilau (plain, homemade)
Rye flour
Semolina (raw)
Spaghetti (white, dried, boiled in unsalted water)
Spaghetti (wholewheat, dried, boiled in unsalted water)
Thai fragrant rice (boiled in unsalted water)
Wheat flour (brown)
Wheat flour (wholemeal)
White bread (average)
White bread (French stick)
White bread rolls (soft)
Wholemeal bread (average)
Wild rice (boiled in unsalted water)
Cheese omelette (homemade)
Chicken egg white (boiled)
Chicken egg yolk (boiled)
Chicken eggs (whole, boiled)
Omelette (plain, homemade)
Fat and Margarine
Baking fat and margarine (75-90% fat, hard block)
Fats and oils
Butter (unsalted)
Coconut oil
Cod liver oil
Corn oil
Ghee (butter)
Grapeseed oil
Olive oil
Palm oil
Soya oil
Sunflower oil
Fish and fish products
Calamari (coated in batter, baked)
Catfish (flesh only, steamed)
Cod (flesh only, baked)
Conger eel (flesh only, grilled)
Crab (white meat, purchased cooked)
Crayfish (raw)
Cuttlefish (raw)
Dover sole (raw)
Haddock (flesh only, grilled)
Hake (flesh only, grilled)
Halibut (flesh only, grilled)
Herring (flesh only, grilled, weighed with bones and skin)
King prawns (grilled from raw)
Langoustine (boiled)
Lemon sole (flesh only, grilled)
Lobster (boiled, weighed with shell)
Mackerel (flesh only, grilled)
Monkfish (flesh only, grilled)
Mussels (purchased cooked)
Octopus (raw)
Oysters (raw, weighed with shells)
Pangasius (flesh only, poached)
Plaice (flesh only, baked)
Pollock (Alaskan, flesh only, baked)
Red mullet (flesh only, grilled, weighed with bones and skin)
Red snapper (flesh only, fried in sunflower oil)
Salmon (farmed, flesh only, baked)
Salmon (farmed, flesh only, grilled, weighed with bones and skin)
Sardines (canned in olive oil, drained)
Sardines (flesh only, grilled)
Scallops (steamed)
Sea bass (flesh only, baked)
Sea bream (raw)
Shrimps (boiled)
Sole (flesh only, grilled, fillets weighed with skin)
Squid (raw)
Swordfish (flesh only, grilled)
Tilapia (raw)
Trout (rainbow, flesh only, baked)
Tuna (flesh only, baked)
Turbot (flesh only, grilled, weighed with bones and skin)
Whiting (flesh only, steamed, weighed with bones and skin)
Wild salmon (baked)
Apples (eating, raw, flesh and skin)
Apricots (raw, flesh and skin)
Avocado (Fuerte, flesh only)
Avocado (Hass, flesh only)
Bananas (flesh only)
Blackberries (raw)
Blackcurrants (raw)
Cherries (flesh and skin, raw)
Citrus fruit (soft/easy peelers, flesh only)
Damsons (flesh and skin, raw, weighed with stones)
Dates (dried, flesh and skin, weighed with stones)
Dried apricots
Dried figs (whole fruit)
Elderberries (whole fruit)
Figs (whole green fruit, raw)
Grapefruit (flesh only, raw)
Grapes (average, weighed with pips)
Green olives (in brine, drained, flesh and skin, weighed with stones)
Greengages (raw)
Kiwi fruit (flesh only, raw)
Lemons (whole, without pips)
Loquats (flesh only, raw)
Lychees (raw, flesh only)
Mangoes (ripe, flesh only, raw)
Melon (flesh only, average)
Mulberries (whole fruit, raw)
Nectarines (flesh and skin, raw, weighed with stones)
Orange juice (freshly squeezed)
Oranges (flesh only)
Papaya (flesh only, raw)
Passion fruit (flesh and pips)
Peaches (raw, flesh and skin)
Pears (raw, flesh and skin)
Pineapple (flesh only, raw)
Plums (dessert, flesh and skin, raw)
Pomegranate (flesh and pips, weighed with skin)
Prunes (flesh and skin)
Quinces (flesh only)
Raisins (dried)
Raspberries (raw)
Redcurrants (raw)
Rhubarb (stems only, raw)
Sharon fruit (flesh only)
Star fruit
Strawberries (raw)
Watermelon (flesh only, weighed whole)
Herbs and spices
Basil (fresh)
Bay leaf (dried)
Black pepper
Cardamom (ground)
Cayenne pepper (ground)
Celery seeds
Chilli powder
Chives (fresh)
Cinnamon (ground)
Coriander leaves (fresh)
Coriander seeds
Cumin seeds
Curry powder
Dill (fresh)
Ginger (ground)
Ginger (fresh)
Mint (fresh)
Mint (dried)
Mustard seeds
Oregano (fresh)
Oregano (dried, ground)
Parsley (fresh)
Rosemary (fresh)
Sage (fresh)
Thyme (fresh)
Thyme (dried, ground)
Turmeric (ground)
White pepper
Meat and meat products
Beef (lean, average, raw)
Beef kofta (homemade)
Beef mince (stewed)
Beefburger (98-99% beef, grilled)
Calf liver (fried in corn oil)
Chicken (meat, average, roasted)
Chicken breast (grilled without skin, meat only)
Chicken liver (fried in corn oil)
Doner kebabs (meat only)
Duck (roasted, meat, fat and skin)
Fillet steak (beef, grilled, lean and fat)
Goose (meat, roasted, fat and skin)
Lamb (fat, average, cooked)
Lamb brain (boiled)
Lamb heart (roasted)
Lamb kidney (fried in corn oil)
Lamb mince (stewed)
Lamb tongue (raw)
Liver pate
Pasta with meat and tomato sauce (homemade)
Peppers stuffed with beef, rice and vegetables (homemade)
Pork mince (stewed)
Rabbit (stewed, meat only)
Rack of lamb (lean, roasted)
Rump steak (beef, grilled, lean only)
Sausages (pork, chilled, grilled)
Sausages (beef, grilled)
Sheep tongue (meat only, stewed)
Shish kebab (meat only)
Sirloin steak (beef, grilled medium-rare, lean and fat)
Stewing steak (beef, stewed, lean and fat)
Tripe (dressed, stewed in milk)
Turkey (meat, average, roasted)
Turkey breast (fillet, grilled, meat only)
Veal mince (stewed)
Whole turkey (roasted, meat and skin)
Milk and milk products
Camembert cheese
Cheddar cheese (English)
Cheese spread (plain)
Clotted cream (fresh)
Cocoa powder
Cottage cheese (plain)
Cream (dairy, extra thick (24% fat))
Cream (fresh, single)
Danish blue cheese
Edam cheese
Emmental cheese
Feta cheese
Goat milk (pasteurised)
Goats cheese (full fat, soft, white rind)
Gouda cheese
Greek yogurt (plain)
Gruyere cheese
Halloumi cheese
Ice cream (dairy, vanilla, soft scoop)
Ice cream (non dairy, vanilla, soft scoop)
Ice cream (virtually fat free alternative)
Mascarpone cheese
Milk (skimmed, pasteurised, average)
Milk (whole, pasteurised, average)
Milk (semi-skimmed, pasteurised, average)
Mozzarella cheese (fresh)
Parmesan cheese (fresh)
Port Salut cheese (St Paulin type)
Quark cheese
Ricotta cheese
Roquefort cheese
Sheep milk (raw)
Soya milk (non-dairy alternative to milk, unsweetened, fortified)
Stilton cheese (blue)
Yogurt (whole milk, plain)
Yogurt (low fat, plain)
Nuts and seeds
Almonds (whole kernels)
Brazil nuts (kernel only)
Cashew nuts (kernel only, plain)
Chestnuts (kernel only, raw)
Coconut (flesh only, fresh)
Coconut milk
Hazelnuts (kernel only, raw)
Macadamia nuts (salted)
Peanut butter (smooth)
Peanuts (dry roasted)
Peanuts (kernel only, plain, unsalted)
Pecan nuts (kernel only)
Pistachio nuts (kernel only, roasted and salted)
Pumpkin seeds
Quinoa (raw)
Sesame seeds
Sunflower seeds
Tahini paste
Walnuts (kernel only)
Soups, sauces and miscellaneous foods
Dried yeast
Lentil soup (homemade)
Mayonnaise (standard, retail)
Mustard (smooth)
Vegetable soup (homemade)
Sugars, preserves and snacks
Honey and comb
Milk Chocolate
Plain Chocolate
Acorn squash (baked)
Alfalfa sprouts (raw)
Asparagus (steamed)
Aubergine (fried in corn oil)
Bean and mixed vegetable casserole (homemade)
Beetroot (cooked in unsalted water)
Beetroot (raw)
Broad beans (whole, boiled in unsalted water)
Broccoli (green, boiled in unsalted water)
Brussels sprouts (boiled in unsalted water)
Butter beans (dried, boiled in unsalted water)
Cabbage (white, boiled in unsalted water)
Cabbage (average, boiled in unsalted water)
Cabbage (red, raw)
Cabbage (green, boiled in unsalted water)
Cabbage (red, boiled in unsalted water)
Capsicum pepper (green, raw)
Capsicum pepper (red, raw)
Capsicum pepper (chilli, red, raw)
Carrot juice
Carrots (young, raw)
Cassava (boiled in unsalted water)
Cauliflower (boiled in unsalted water)
Celeriac (boiled in unsalted water)
Celery (boiled in unsalted water)
Chick peas (Kabuli, whole, dried, boiled in unsalted water)
Chicory (pale variety, boiled in unsalted water)
Chinese cabbage (raw)
Courgette (boiled in unsalted water)
Cucumber (raw, flesh and skin)
Curly kale (boiled in unsalted water)
Endive (raw)
Fenugreek leaves (raw)
Florence fennel (boiled in unsalted water)
Garlic (raw)
Globe Artichoke (boiled, weighed as served)
Greek salad
Green and brown lentils (whole, dried, boiled in unsalted water)
Green beans (boiled in unsalted water)
Haricot beans (whole, dried, boiled in unsalted water)
Horseradish (raw)
Jerusalem artichoke (boiled in unsalted water, flesh only)
Kohl rabi (boiled in unsalted water)
Leeks (boiled in unsalted water)
Lettuce (average, raw)
Moussaka with vegetable (homemade)
Mushroom (dried)
Okra (boiled in unsalted water)
Onions (raw)
Oyster mushrooms (raw)
Parsnip (raw)
Peas (frozen, boiled in unsalted water)
Pinto beans (dried, boiled in unsalted water)
Plantain (green flesh, raw)
Potatoes (old, boiled in salted water, flesh only)
Pumpkin (flesh only, boiled in unsalted water)
Raddiccio (raw)
Radish (red, flesh and skin, raw)
Radish leaves (raw)
Red kidney beans (dried, boiled in unsalted water)
Rocket (raw)
Runner beans (boiled in unsalted water)
Seakale (stem only, boiled in unsalted water)
Shallots (raw)
Shiitake mushrooms (cooked)
Soya beans (dried, boiled in unsalted water)
Spinach (mature, boiled in unsalted water)
Spring greens (boiled in unsalted water)
Spring onions (bulbs and tops, raw)
Sweet potato (flesh only, boiled in unsalted water)
Sweetcorn (kernels, boiled 'on the cob' in unsalted water, weighed with core)
Swiss chard (boiled in unsalted water)
Tofu (soya bean, steamed)
Tomato puree
Tomatoes (standard, raw)
Turnip (flesh only, raw)
Vegetable cannelloni (homemade)
Watercress (raw)
White mushrooms (stewed in unsalted water)
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