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Fasting Mimicking Diet Plan

Fasting Mimicking Diet is a system developed by Prof. Valter Longo and his team to ease the process of prolonged fasting (a period between 4-7 days) but still replicating the health benefits. The details of the program are described by Dr. Longo online and by the books published. There are also many other websites providing information so they will not be repeated here. Please be warned that it is not suitable for everyone (e.g. pregnant women, people over the age of 70, people with liver and kidney diseases, patients who take medication, etc.). Therefore please do your research and check with your doctor before starting Fasting Mimicking Diet.

fasting mimicking diet restrictions

There are several challenges with Fasting Mimicking Diet and one of them is to have a meal plan for five days that satisfies the very strict calorie and protein constraints. Thre are preset meal kits satisfying the criteria (e.g. ProLon kit) but they are pricy for many and may not be available where you live. There are also websites providing meal programs and you can use them if you find them satisfactory. But if you plan to repeat Fasting Mimicking Diet a few times every year and like to have more flexibility while making your meal plans you can prepare it from the list of foods presented below.

Dr. Sten Ekberg adapted Fasting Mimicking Diet to ketogenic diet (or Low Carb High Fat diet) principles to improve the health benefits. It is especially valuable for people already on the ketogenic diet and aims to benefit from Fasting Mimicking Diet.

You can find the details in his YouTube video. Even if you are not aiming for the ketogenic variation of the Fasting Mimicking Diet, you will still get lots of valuable information and clarification.


Celery, artichoke, mushrooms, courgette, cabbage, leeks, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, watercress, lettuce are among the most suitable foods for your meal plan. If you follow Dr. Longo's program you can add berries like strawberries, cranberries, raspberries. If you follow Dr. Ekberg's program you can add olives, avocado, and a limited amount of berries. Add nuts like macadamia nuts, pecan nuts, and olive oil if you still have space for extra calories and protein. Please make sure to use a sensitive kitchen scale when preparing your meals.

You can create your personal daily meal plan from the list of foods you choose, that will satisfy the Fasting Mimicking Diet constraints, by following the below given steps. Few sample meal plans are also presented below to give you an idea. You can print them or load them as your base and then add, remove, manipulate it.

Program Day Sample Load
Dr. Valter Longo Day 1
Day 2 to 5
Dr. Sten Ekberg Day 1
Day 2 to 5

1) Choose if you like to get the total nutrient details of the meal plan compared to FDA recommendations or EFSA recommendations. This is not a crucial choice, just a convenience.

2) Choose if you like to follow Dr. Longo's standard program or Dr. Ekberg's keto-adapted program.

3) Choose for which day of the program you are preparing your meal plan. It is important as the calorie and macronutrient restrictions vary between day 1 and the rest of the program.

4) Select the foods you like to include in your plan from the below-given list by clicking on them. Specify the minimum and the maximum amount in gram. They should not exceed 400 gram. If you want the selected food to be definitely included in the plan, mark it as Required. When your list is complete, generate the plan by clicking on Calculate button. You can print your plan or save it as PDF.

Day 1
Percent Amount (g)
Carb (net) Fat Protein Carb (net) Fat Protein
Dr. Valter Longo 1100 47% 44% 9% 129 54 25
Food (Maximum 10 items)MinimumMaximumRequired
Please add your selection of foods with their corresponding amount (up to 10 items)
Group / Food
Cereals and cereal products
Buckwheat (groats)
Couscous (plain, cooked)
Oats porridge (unfortified)
Pearl Barley (boiled)
Polenta (hydrated, raw)
Fats and oils
Coconut oil
Corn oil
Grapeseed oil
Olive oil
Palm oil
Soya oil
Sunflower oil
Apples (eating, raw, flesh and skin)
Apricots (raw, flesh and skin)
Avocado (Fuerte, flesh only)
Avocado (Hass, flesh only)
Bananas (flesh only)
Blackberries (raw)
Blackcurrants (raw)
Cherries (flesh and skin, raw)
Citrus fruit (soft/easy peelers, flesh only)
Damsons (flesh and skin, raw, weighed with stones)
Dates (dried, flesh and skin, weighed with stones)
Dried apricots
Elderberries (whole fruit)
Grapefruit (flesh only, raw)
Grapes (average, weighed with pips)
Green olives (in brine, drained, flesh and skin, weighed with stones)
Greengages (raw)
Kiwi fruit (flesh only, raw)
Lemons (whole, without pips)
Loquats (flesh only, raw)
Lychees (raw, flesh only)
Mangoes (ripe, flesh only, raw)
Melon (flesh only, average)
Mulberries (whole fruit, raw)
Nectarines (flesh and skin, raw, weighed with stones)
Oranges (flesh only)
Papaya (flesh only, raw)
Passion fruit (flesh and pips)
Peaches (raw, flesh and skin)
Pears (raw, flesh and skin)
Pineapple (flesh only, raw)
Pomegranate (flesh and pips, weighed with skin)
Prunes (flesh and skin)
Quinces (flesh only)
Raisins (dried)
Raspberries (raw)
Redcurrants (raw)
Rhubarb (stems only, raw)
Sharon fruit (flesh only)
Star fruit
Strawberries (raw)
Watermelon (flesh only, weighed whole)
Milk and milk products
Soya milk (non-dairy alternative to milk, unsweetened, fortified)
Nuts and seeds
Almonds (whole kernels)
Brazil nuts (kernel only)
Cashew nuts (kernel only, plain)
Chestnuts (kernel only, raw)
Coconut (flesh only, fresh)
Coconut milk
Hazelnuts (kernel only, raw)
Macadamia nuts (salted)
Peanut butter (smooth)
Peanuts (kernel only, plain, unsalted)
Peanuts (dry roasted)
Pecan nuts (kernel only)
Pistachio nuts (kernel only, roasted and salted)
Pumpkin seeds
Sesame seeds
Sunflower seeds
Tahini paste
Walnuts (kernel only)
Acorn squash (baked)
Alfalfa sprouts (raw)
Asparagus (steamed)
Beetroot (raw)
Beetroot (cooked in unsalted water)
Broad beans (whole, boiled in unsalted water)
Broccoli (green, boiled in unsalted water)
Brussels sprouts (boiled in unsalted water)
Cabbage (white, boiled in unsalted water)
Cabbage (red, boiled in unsalted water)
Cabbage (average, boiled in unsalted water)
Cabbage (green, boiled in unsalted water)
Capsicum pepper (chilli, red, raw)
Capsicum pepper (green, raw)
Capsicum pepper (red, raw)
Carrots (young, raw)
Cassava (boiled in unsalted water)
Cauliflower (boiled in unsalted water)
Celeriac (boiled in unsalted water)
Celery (boiled in unsalted water)
Chicory (pale variety, boiled in unsalted water)
Courgette (boiled in unsalted water)
Cucumber (raw, flesh and skin)
Curly kale (boiled in unsalted water)
Fenugreek leaves (raw)
Florence fennel (boiled in unsalted water)
Globe Artichoke (boiled, weighed as served)
Green and brown lentils (whole, dried, boiled in unsalted water)
Green beans (boiled in unsalted water)
Haricot beans (whole, dried, boiled in unsalted water)
Horseradish (raw)
Jerusalem artichoke (boiled in unsalted water, flesh only)
Kohl rabi (boiled in unsalted water)
Leeks (boiled in unsalted water)
Lettuce (average, raw)
Okra (boiled in unsalted water)
Onions (raw)
Peas (frozen, boiled in unsalted water)
Pinto beans (dried, boiled in unsalted water)
Plantain (green flesh, raw)
Potatoes (old, boiled in salted water, flesh only)
Pumpkin (flesh only, boiled in unsalted water)
Raddiccio (raw)
Radish (red, flesh and skin, raw)
Radish leaves (raw)
Red kidney beans (dried, boiled in unsalted water)
Rocket (raw)
Runner beans (boiled in unsalted water)
Seakale (stem only, boiled in unsalted water)
Shiitake mushrooms (cooked)
Soya beans (dried, boiled in unsalted water)
Spinach (mature, boiled in unsalted water)
Spring greens (boiled in unsalted water)
Spring onions (bulbs and tops, raw)
Sweet potato (flesh only, boiled in unsalted water)
Sweetcorn (kernels, boiled 'on the cob' in unsalted water, weighed with core)
Swiss chard (boiled in unsalted water)
Tofu (soya bean, steamed)
Tomatoes (standard, raw)
Turnip (flesh only, raw)
Watercress (raw)
White mushrooms (stewed in unsalted water)
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